The Gaffer

Favourite Cocktail: Raspberry Mojito

Favourite Music: Cheese

Jonny started Designer Events just over 2.5 years ago with the idea of bringing fun , great music and amazing cocktails to customers homes. He followed his dreams  & went full time with the business a year ago and says, “It’s the best decision I’ve made in my working career”. His banter may be a little off but he sure makes a cracking cocktail!


Event Coordinator and Banter Specialist

Favourite Cocktail: Passionfruit Mojito

Favourite Music: 90s Dance

Ryan’s been with us now for over a year & is a vital part of Designer Events. Making Mojitos can be tedious but he loves drinking them!


Event Coordinator and Buffet Demolisher

Favourite Cocktail: Pina Colada

Favourite Music: Funky House

Mark has been with us now for nearly a year, and is an integral part of the DE Team. Word of warning, if you offer Mark food at your event be prepared for him to have seconds and thirds – the boy can eat! But he does making a cracking Strawberry Daiquiri.


Waitress and Social Media Grammar Guru

Favourite Cocktail: Pornstar Martini

Favourite Music: A bit of everything – Spotify shuffle!

Laura, aka “Bertie”, has been with Designer Events from the beginning. When Laura’s not doing her 9-5 , she is either out walking with Bella or at the gym. Then some weekends she helps the DE team out at events. You do not want to get on Berts bad side as she will happily drop kick you! To get back on her good side a Pornstar Martini always works…


Marketing and Cocktail Tester

Favourite Cocktail: Bramble

Favourite Music: A bit of everything!

Becky is the newest member of the DE Team. She takes care of marketing & helps out at events.  Becky joined the team purely for her love of cocktails and says she’s in charge of quality control so every cocktail must get her approval before going on the DE menu.